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The CRM must be web based.


I need to be able to enter a profile for each one of my sales reps & employees.

• Each sales rep will be paid differently depending on experience and production. I need to be able to enter the different commission percentages depending on product sold into their profiles.

• For example: When a sales rep sells a Mega1 the revenue on that deal is 399.00 per month. STS pays our company 250% of that revenue for a total of 997.50 The sales rep will receive a commission of 100% of the revenue for a total of 399.00 leaving the company a profit of 598.50

• There will also be different incentives that we will be offering every month. Example: If a sales rep sell 3000.00 in revenue they will receive an additional 1000.00 in bonuses. I want the CRM to be able to track who hits their incentives and I also want the sales reps to see how much they need to hit their goal.

• We also pay out 5-10% residual to our sales reps. The residual is paid out on all of their existing clients that are currently under service with us.

Sales Tracker

I need to have something I can use to track all my Telecom orders from STS Telecom.

• STS Telecom is a telecommunications service provider that our company has an agreement with to be able to offer their services to our customers. Inet Solutions Group as a company gets paid an up front bonus and a monthly residual on all of our existing clients.

• There are different types of telecom services offered and each service pays out a different commission and residual percentage to us as a company. I need to have some thing I can enter the different services/products and enter the different bonus and residual percentages paid out to iNet Solutions Group.

• On the 25th of each month STS pays iNet Solutions Group the residual for all our clients. I need to have a way that we can input the raw data into our CRM and be able to pick up any discrepancies between what we are expecting and what STS is paying out. We can get this raw data in an excel spreadsheet.

• I want the sales reps to enter the STS orders they sell into our CRM. I want the CRM to issue a customer number automatically.

• Once an order is entered it will land under one of the following categories: (Closed - Submitted - Pending Form(s) - Pending Credit - Credit Approved - Pending Site Prep - Scheduled - Installed)

• We need to be able to change the status of our orders as we get notified by STS and enter the STS client number once it is issued.

• Agent must be able to log in and locate an account by Customer Name – Number – Address – STS Customer Number or iNet Customer Number.

• Sales rep can only see their own accounts and not the accounts of any other sales rep

• I want to be able to create different status categories through my admin portal.

Potential Leads/Customer Tracker

We need a potential client tracker that we can see what's in our pipeline line.

• We have a call center that sets up the appointments for our sales reps

• We need an integrated calendar system that our call center can see what time slots are available for each sales rep.

• Our sales rep knock on about 20-30 doors per day. I need them to be able to enter these businesses into their CRM so that the call center can log in and call up their potential clients and set up the appointment for them.

• There is certain info that needs to be entered for each potential lead. Ex: Company Name – Address – Contact Name & Number – Type of Business -

• When the sales rep enters the potential lead it must show the name of the sales rep on that particular lead. This is very important so that the call center know who they are making the appointment for.

• Sales reps can only see their potential leads and not the leads of any other sales rep.

• Potential leads will land under different categories: (1st Appointment – 2nd Appointment – Follow up Appointment – Awaiting Decision – Under Contract - Not Interested – Closed)

• I want to be able to create different status categories and potential lead information that must be entered by sales reps through my admin portal.

• Sample software go to [url removed, login to view] or [url removed, login to view] & also [url removed, login to view]

CRM Must be compatible to any mobile phone. (If possible would like an iPhone app for it also.)


I need a dialer to be able to call up all of our potential clients and current clients.

• The sales reps should be able to log in and start calling their clients.

• We basically need a standard dialer that works with our CRM.

• Do not want anything complicated

• Want to be able to input leads manually or via excel spreadsheet.


We need to run different types of reports through our CRM

• Closing Percentage – Need to know what percent of appointments are being closed as a team and by each individual sales rep

• Average Revenue per Account – Need to know what the average account is billing

• Revenue Loss – How many accounts have either canceled or eliminated services

• Status Revenue – How much revenue is in each different status (Closed - Submitted - Pending Form(s) - Pending Credit - Credit Approved - Pending Site Prep - Scheduled - Installed)

• Dialer reporting – Standard Dialer Reporting – Number of calls made by each individual. Number of appointments scheduled per user.

• Reporting on % of appointment closed

• Reporting on % of cold calling leads closed

• Reporting on % of types of business closed (Example: Attorney – CPA – Construction – Etc...)

• Total number of Revenue submitted by agent per month.

Ticketing System

We need a trouble ticketing system to assist with our IT and phone system clients

• We need to be able to open up a trouble ticket for our clients.

• Clients must be able to log in via our website and open up a trouble ticket online.

• Ticketing System must be compatible with Quickbooks

• When I close out a ticket I should be able to create an invoice automatically on quickbooks

• Our technicians should be able to log in and closeout the ticket.

• Technician needs to be able to put in notes the work that was done along with the amount of hours it took to complete the job

• All this info should be able to populate over to Quickbooks.

• I need to be able to pay out commission to the sales rep/account rep that is responsible for this account. Ex: If the client bills out 200.00 we need to cut a commission check to the sales rep for 15% $30.00

• For a sample software go to [url removed, login to view]

Please expect for changes and add-ons to be made once we commence building this software.

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