Start a php5-fpm service on ubuntu

Budget ₹600 - ₹1500 INR
Gebote 29
Durschnittliches Angebot ₹1436
OFFEN 2 days


i am unable to start my php5-fpm service on the server. I need assistance in restarting it. Need help urgently.


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Angebote auf dieses Projekt

  • thms00 Profile Picture


    Amiens,  France

    [CLICK READ MORE IF YOU WANT MORE INFORMATIONS ABOUT ME.] [[Skillset]] ### Programming / Scripting languages ### - C / C++ - Java - Python - PHP (PHO - BASH - MySQL - XHTML / CSS2 ### Unix distributions ### - Arch Linux - Debian - Ubuntu - CentOS - Gentoo - Fedora - Mandrake (which became Mandriva) ### Softwares/Frameworks ### - Apache2 - NGINX - PHP5-FPM (CGI - Varnish - Typo3 - Wordpress - Laravel 4/5 - Git (Installation, configuration & tutoring) - Optimization of all those softwares. ### Networking / Hardware / Monitoring ### - Synology NAS - DHCPd - SAMBA - Bind9 (DNS) ### Virtualization ### - VMWare ESXi - Xen ### Security ### - Access Control Systems - OS Hardening - Authentication - Firewall (computing) - Intrusion detection system (IDS) - Intrusion prevention system (IPS) - Internet security - Cyberwarfare - Information security - Network security - Nagios monitoring ### Hosting providers ### OVH OVH Cana SoYouStart Kimsufi Linode DigitalOcean RackSpace ------------------------------------------------ Hello there. I am Thomas, a French man that graduated in a French university, in the field of Information Technology. Back when I was a kid, I only had a computer to play with, so I spent all my time on it. I never liked Windows, because of it's BSOD and crash, so I started early looking at alternatives. That's why I now have more than 7 years of experience in Linux systems administration. My first experience was with Debian Sarge (Debian 3), and I am using it daily on my laptop and most of my servers. I also have experience with others Linux distributions, such as Ubuntu (which is a lot similar to Debian), but also used to run Gentoo, ArchLinux, as well as Fedora. When I was 16, I had the idea to setup an hosting company, which taught me how to secure seervers, databases, handle customers requests, and automatize tasks using the BASH scripting language. Of course, in order to do this, I had to get experience with a lot of hosting providers, as well as domain name managers/seller. During my internshipin order to get my grades, as well as during my freelance career, I had the chance to work for various companies where I completed networking tasks, such as setting up the entire company network as well as development server (DNS, DHCPd, Apache server, FTP, SQL, Git Workflow.). I've also been interesting in various programming languages for many years, started with C and read the Kernighan & Ritchie. In my freetime, I am starting to get into WebDev, using the Laravel Framework. I recently completed a full Laravel project as a freelance mission.

  • szymonwojtowicz Profile Picture


    Sosnowiec,  Poland

    Developing crossplatform apps using C++/Qt, focusing on Android.

  • Unix4life Profile Picture


    cluj,  Romania

    I'm pasionate about python and bsd. I'm eager for more. Your wish is my command.

  • pdq Profile Picture


    Yerevan,  Armenia

    Hi, i have about 12 years experience in linux administration, i prefer to work with webhosting solutions. nginx, php-fpm, different kind of high-load. Right now i'm working in a datacenter with a VDS nodes and dedicated/colocation servers. Feel free to ask a questions even if you choose someone else for your job. My answer is always free of charge.

  • ak123ash Profile Picture


    jaipur,  India

    Linux server administrator with more than 3 year of experience in the management and analysis of linux servers. Advance knowledge with setup highly scalable servers with performance tuning, server security, Cloud Computing, Amazon EC2, Troubleshoot problems. Expertise in - Designing Web Server - Buliding web server based on Apache, Nginx, Nginx/php-fpm, Varnish as backend. Security - Malware removal , server hardening , Firewall, SSL Certificate installation. Database Server - Building mysql ,tweaking mysql variables for performance Scripting - Bash Scripting for monitoring servers, auto backup. Mail server- Building mail server for sending and recieving mails exim,postfix,sendmail,troubleshoot mail issues. Monitoring services and servers - Nagios monitoring tool Amazon - AWS EC2 server setup , Security. Performance - Tune web & database server, varnish, redis, pagespeed, memcache, apc with Magento, Wordpress,Joomla. Virtualization Technology - VMware VSphere Esxi/Xen Server

  • ArleMedina Profile Picture


    Caracas,  Venezuela

    I cannot live without expressing myself and creating new solutions. I am passionate about the continuous improvement of things, systems, processes and resources. I offer you exclusive dedication to your projects and creative ideas about computer networks and servers. I will devote a lot of energy and enthusiasm to your projects: - Advice and support on your academic projects. - To experiment with new technologies in virtual test environments. - Creating development environments for new systems. - Testing system settings before taking them to the production environment. - To innovate with new techniques, processes and configurations. I have more than 10 years working experience as a Linux Server Administrator

  • gensib Profile Picture


    Centurion,  South Africa

    Hello and welcome to the profile for Magwinya Wired, your desktop and server support specialists. We have over 15 years of combined Windows and linux administration experience and are your one-stop-shop for anything that's stopping you from running your business. We love making websites blazing fast. Magwinya Wired has a reputation for taking poorly managed web properties and turning them into lean, mean, traffic serving machines. We operate out of Centurion, Pretoria, South Africa and are available 24/7 should an emergency arise. Some of our specialties are: Nginx Installation and Configuration Windows Server All versions Ms SQL All Versions MySQL Installation and optimization Drupal Installation and optimisation WordPress Installation and optimisation/caching Varnish Installation, Configuration and Cache Exchange Server All Versions MS Office Suite Support MS Outlook Support Entire Windows and Linux Server Management

  • trhoan00 Profile Picture


    Hà Nội,  Vietnam

    - Graduate from Hanoi University of Science and Technology (HUST) at June, 2011, major in computer science, telecommunication, IMS network - Demonstrating a good ability to manage projects from conception through to successful completion full of aspiration and self confidence - Senior Erlang, C, C++ and Perl developer - Expert in SS7 network, CAMEL, MAP, SIP

  • ouarkaayoub Profile Picture


    TAROUDANT,  Morocco

    Hello I am working as Web developer and i am giving the best and satisfaction service for my client. I have more than 5 years of experience in web development and UI design. Through out my career I have acquired a very good knowledge of Web Development and UI Design. My work is my passion and i am ready to work on any unconventional project. I can perform development using HTML, CSS, PHP, Powerful AJAX and jQuery, also have skill on J2EE, spring, JPA and etc. I am so good in error finding and solving them ASAP. thank you

  • raj00565 Profile Picture


    Gurgaon,  India

    Committed to excellent service and customer satisfaction