AI Freelancers Market Place and GIGs Showcase(Sales) (Budget Fixed $750)

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1. User Registration and Authentication:

Technical Implementation:

• Utilize JWT (JSON Web Tokens) for authentication.

• Implement user registration endpoints using HTTP methods like POST.

• Use bcrypt or a similar library for hashing passwords securely.

• Validate user inputs and handle errors gracefully.

• Integrate OAuth for social media login (Facebook, Google).

2. Profile Creation and Management:

Technical Implementation:

• Design database schemas for user profiles using MySQL/PostgreSQL/MongoDB.

• Implement CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete) operations for profiles.

• Use form validation and sanitize inputs to prevent malicious data.

• Store profile images/files in cloud storage (AWS S3, Google Cloud Storage).

3. Job Postings and Bidding:

Technical Implementation:

• Design database models for jobs and bids.

• Create RESTful APIs for job creation, listing, and bidding.

• Use websockets or long polling for real-time bid updates.

• Implement dynamic pricing suggestions using machine learning models.

4. Payment System:

Technical Implementation:

• Integrate payment gateway APIs (Stripe, PayPal) for handling transactions.

• Implement escrow functionality using the gateway's features.

• Ensure SSL encryption for secure payment transactions.

• Store transaction details in a secure database with proper encryption.

5. Rating and Review System:

Technical Implementation:

• Create endpoints for users to leave reviews and ratings.

• Implement blockchain integration for immutable review records.

• Use data structures and indexing for efficient review retrieval.

6. Search and Filtering:

Technical Implementation:

• Develop advanced search APIs based on user queries and filters.

• Use indexing and caching to optimize search performance.

• Implement algorithms for personalized search suggestions.

7. Admin Panel:

Technical Implementation:

• Create an admin dashboard using React or similar frontend frameworks.

• Utilize backend APIs for admin functionalities (user management, dispute resolution).

• Implement role-based access control for admin privileges.

8. Collaboration Tools:

Technical Implementation:

• Integrate third-party APIs or develop in-house collaboration tools (whiteboard, screen sharing).

• Use WebRTC or similar technologies for real-time communication.

9. Escrow with Milestone Automation:

Technical Implementation:

• Develop logic for defining project milestones.

• Automate milestone payments based on predefined completion criteria.

• Implement error handling for failed milestone completions.

10. Niche-specific Communities:

Technical Implementation:

• Create forums or community features using frameworks like Django Channels or WebSockets for real-time interaction.

• Implement permission-based access for specific community groups.

11. Smart Matchmaking Algorithm:

Technical Implementation:

• Use machine learning libraries (TensorFlow, Scikit-learn) to build recommendation models.

• Analyze user behavior and project data for better matching algorithms.

• Periodically retrain models for improved accuracy.

12. Skills Verification and Badging:

Technical Implementation:

• Develop assessment tests for skill verification.

• Use badges or levels in user profiles based on test scores or achievements.

• Store verification data securely and link it to user profiles.

13. Enhanced Project Previews:

Technical Implementation:

• Implement a limited preview feature using HTML5 and secure tokens.

• Store preview data separately from original files for security purposes.

14. In-platform Learning and Resources:

Technical Implementation:

• Develop a content management system (CMS) for educational resources.

• Use APIs to recommend learning resources based on user profiles and preferences.

15. Dynamic Pricing Suggestions:

Technical Implementation:

• Collect and analyze project data to suggest pricing.

• Use machine learning algorithms to predict optimal project costs.

16. AR Portfolio Showcases:

Technical Implementation:

• Integrate AR libraries or frameworks (ARKit, ARCore) for portfolio showcases.

• Develop APIs for handling AR content uploads and rendering.

Technical Implementation Details

1. Gig-Based Services:

Technical Steps:

1. Database Model Creation:

• Design database schemas to accommodate gig details: title, description, pricing, delivery time, and categories.

• Implement relationships between users and gigs for ownership.

2. API Endpoints:

• Develop APIs for gig creation, editing, and deletion.

• Implement search APIs to browse gigs based on categories and keywords.

2. Custom Offers:

Technical Steps:

1. Custom Offer Endpoints:

• Create API endpoints for freelancers to send custom offers to clients.

• Include parameters for modifying offer terms, pricing, and delivery.

3. Gig Extras:

Technical Steps:

1. Enhanced Gig Models:

• Modify gig database models to include gig extras (additional services).

• Implement a structure to define gig extras, their pricing, and descriptions.

2. Payment System Integration:

• Integrate gig extras into the payment system for transparent pricing calculations.

[login to view URL] Services:

Technical Steps:

1. Verification Process:

• Develop a verification system for top-tier freelancers.

• Include verification badges or labels within user profiles.

5. Anywhere:

Technical Steps:

1. Embeddable Widgets/APIs:

• Develop APIs or widgets for users to showcase gigs on external websites.

• Implement authentication mechanisms to access services externally.

6. Studios:

Technical Steps:

1. Collaboration Tools:

• Implement group collaboration features within the platform.

• Develop interfaces for project managers and team members.

7. Learn:

Technical Steps:

1. Educational Section Setup:

• Integrate a section for courses and tutorials within the platform.

• Develop features to track course progress and achievements.

8. Community:

Technical Steps:

1. Community Creation:

• Develop forum features or community spaces within the platform.

• Implement moderation tools for community management.

9. Business:

Technical Steps:

1. Enterprise-level Features:

• Develop tools for businesses to manage multiple projects and teams.

• Implement features for larger-scale operations within the platform.

Webdesign PHP Node.js React.js MySQL

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