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Making a Bank Deposit

Making international bank transfers will be subject to deposit fees. Local bank transfers are free. Read here for more details.


  1. Click your profile picture thumbnail. Then, choose Add funds.


  2. Select Bank Deposit.


  3. Select the country from the dropdown list. By default, the country is set to the country registered in your account.


  4. Set the currency of your deposit.


  5. Indicate the amount of your deposit and click the Confirm and Pay button.



  6. You will be routed to the printable confirmation window where you will see Freelancer.com's bank details. The bank details that will appear will vary depending on the currency of your deposit. Click Confirm Payment. Make sure to use the details provided.


  7. You will see the Checkout Complete window informing you about your pending deposit. Click Continue.


After the above steps, you can g
o to your bank, and finish adding funds. You may utilize your bank’s online banking services, if any. Make sure to take the receipt or reference number of your deposit. After adding funds, go to your Deposit Page. Provide the details of the deposit, so we can verify and track the transaction.


Bank deposits usually take 2-5 business days before reflecting on your Freelancer.com account. You will be able to receive an email notification once your deposit has been received and you should also be able to see the amount on your Transaction History then.


If your deposit takes longer than that, scroll down and click Contact Us to submit the following details:

  • Full name of the depositor

  • Exact date and time of the deposit

  • Deposit amount and currency

  • Deposit transaction ID


Note: Any transaction fees charged by your bank will be deducted from the total transfer amount.

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