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Deposit fees

Adding funds to your Freelancer.com account incurs a processing fee that helps cover the cost of processing the payment method you've chosen.



How much are processing fees?


Processing fees vary between deposit methods. Check the right-hand side of your Deposit Funds page for your processing fee details, as shown below.


processing fee


You can compare processing fees between methods of adding funds by clicking on them on the left-hand side of your Deposit Funds page. Your selected payment method will not be charged until you click the Confirm [amount of funds to add] button.



•  Local bank deposits are free.

•  Australian users incur a $0.30AUD + 0.99% (of the deposited amount) fee for credit/debit card transactions.



After adding funds


Deposit processing fees will be listed separately from the deposit transaction on your Transaction History page.


Deposit transaction



Click the pdf_icon icon next to a transaction to view its invoice.


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