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Profile Picture Guidelines

Your portfolio may speak volumes about the quality of work you deliver, but your profile picture provides that personal touch to your account, giving clients a face behind the skills and talent. Presenting yourself through your profile picture also establishes trust within the platform.



The following tips should guide you on choosing your profile photo:


Personal. The photo should show your face from the shoulder up, free from any object that may cover any distinguishable part (e.g. hat, sunglasses, mask).


Singular. Only you should be in the photo, without any other person, animal, or distracting objects beside you (e.g. a friend, pet, or toy).


Proportionate. Your face should be positioned evenly with respect to the whole image, preferably within the center of the photo.


Neat. The focus is on you, so the background should not be cluttered or distracting but plain, neat, and pleasant to the eyes (e.g. in an office or photo studio). 


High-quality. Proper lighting and coloring of the image should be observed with good pixel quality. (Minimum dimension: 280x280 pixels; Allowed formats: JPG, PNG)


Professional. Present yourself in a proper manner with a friendly facial expression and decent clothing that is relevant to your profession.


Using a photo of someone not associated with the account warrants a penalty. Use your business logo only if you are subscribed to Freelancer Corporate.




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