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$50 USD / Stunde
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sheikhupura, pakistan
$50 USD / Stunde
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Shahbaz S.


4,9 (97 Bewertungen)
$50 USD / Stunde
Flagge von PAKISTAN
sheikhupura, pakistan
$50 USD / Stunde
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Researcher/Analyst (Preferred/Verified freelancer)

I have extraordinary skills, capabilities and strengths in data handling, research writing, article writing and research publications. I have 30 research publications in Q1-Q2 reputed journals. I have also a strong command on data analysis statistical and qualitative tools. In simple words, God has made me unique for doing extraordinary works. I have 8 years of experience in research writing, content writings, blog writings, data analysis, thesis writing, proposal writing, funded projects, higher education research projects, research consultant, research associate, data analysis quantitative and qualitative tools. My skills are distinctively available below: (a) English Translator and Writer (1) Thesis, Proposal, and Dissertation Writing (2) Data analysis and research methodology expert (3) Article, Research papers Writing and Publications (4) Research data handling and analysis through statistical tools and qualitative tools (4) Nvivo and Citavi referencing tool (5) Structural equation Modeling (SEM) through Smart PLS-SEM, AMOS (6) Multivariate analyses through MPLUS statistical tool (7) Certified trainer of MINITAB, SPSS, R & R studio, NVIVO, QUIRKOS, ATLAS, Python, ADANCO and STATA statistical tools for data analysis (8) NVIVO and QUIRKOS qualitative data analysis tools (9) Trainer of all statistical and qualitative tools (10) Drafting research projects (11) HEC funded projects (12) Providing paid research paper authorship positions (13) Word Press expert (14) MS Word, Excel, Powerpoint and Access expert (15) Blog Writer (16) Data entry operator (17) IELTS qualified and expert in English Writing, speaking and listening (18) Social Media Marketer (19) Management Science supervising (20) Co-Editor in the journal 'International Journal of Social Science, Innovation and Educational Technologies (e-ISSN: 2717-7130) (21) Journals Reviewer (22) Having 10 years of Teaching Experience

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$150,00 AUD
Excellent work, great communication. I will definitely hire him again
Report Writing
Article Writing
Research Writing
Article Rewriting
+1 mehr
Flagge von Awadh A.
vor 25 Tagen
$2.000,00 USD
He is a very good teacher who gave me some constructive guidance!
Technical Writing
Research Writing
Article Rewriting
Flagge von Chengbin Q.
vor 2 Monaten
€200,00 EUR
Dr Shahbaz, is someone i would recommend since its easy to communicate with and always tries to ensure that his customer is satisfied
Statistical Analysis
Linear Regression
Avatar des Nutzers
Flagge von Timbo H.
vor 2 Monaten
$225,00 USD
He delivered the work on time and he improved the work continuously.
Flagge von Sarhang O.
vor 3 Monaten
£1.128,00 GBP
After trying a lot of freelancers and wasting a lot of money with awful quality I finally found Shahbaz! He did an amazing job, he understood the assignment, made all adjustments accordingly and was committed to deadlines. Thank you, Shabaz!
Flagge von S S.
vor 3 Monaten



International Journal of Social Science, Innovation and Educational Technologies
Nov. 2021 - Aktuell
Acting as Co-Editor in the Research Journal

Data Scientist

Xie Design Firms
Sept. 2020 - Aktuell
Handling data analysis


Statistical and Qualitative tools
Aug. 2020 - Aktuell
Providing and conducting trainings on Statistical and qualitative tools



National University of Modern Languages, Pakistan 2021 - 2022
(1 Jahr)

PhD. in Business Management

Universiti Utara Malaysia, Malaysia 2017 - 2022
(5 Jahre)

M.A Urdu (Composite)

University of the Punjab, Lahore, Pakistan 2018 - 2019
(1 Jahr)


Presenter Certificate

University of South Florida, USA
Theme ‘Corporal Punishment Demoralizes Personality Development and Academic Development: A Mediating-Moderated Model in the Context of Education of Pakistan’ has been presented in Global Conference on Education and Research (GLOCER), University of Florida, USA

Presenter Certificate

University of Florida, USA
Theme ‘Transformational Leadership and Proactive Personality: The mediating role of Organizational Outcomes in the Hospitality Industry’ has been presented in Global Conference on Services and Retail Management (GLOSERV), University of Florida, USA

Presenter Certificate

(ICSBMPSI - 2021), Jain deemed to be University, India
Theme ‘Service Quality on Customer Behaviors Using a multi-modelling approach’ has been presented in (ICSBMPSI - 2021), Jain deemed to be University, India


Does female descendent entrepreneur’s self-compassion and financial literacy matter

Journal of Family Business Management (Emerald)
Purpose – Present study investigated the influence of female descendent entrepreneur’s self-compassion on the perceived succession success of small-family businesses (S-FB) with the mediating mechanism of financial literacy. Design/methodology/approach – The primary data was collected from 319 female descendent entrepreneurs who were designated as chairwomen, and managing director positions in their retails sector S-FBs. The purposive sampling technique was used to collect the data.

Leadership, tacit and explicit knowledge sharing in Saudi Arabian non-profit organizations:

Global Knowledge, Memory and Communication (Emerald)
Employees are driven and motivated to exercise knowledge-based resources as a result of leadership. Therefore, this study aims to examine the effect of authentic leadership on organizational commitment and tacit and explicit knowledge-sharing behaviors in Saudi non-profit organizations (NPOs). The study also aims to explore authentic leadership’s direct and indirect impact on tacit and explicit knowledge-sharing behaviors via organizational commitment.

The role of social media marketing and social support in developing value co-creation intentions

Global Knowledge, Memory and Communication (Emerald)
The role of social media marketing and social support in developing value co-creation intentions: a couchsurfing community perspective. Global Knowledge, Memory and Communication.

Impact of Entrepreneurial Orientation on SME Performance: The Moderating Role of Environment

Prabandhan: Indian Journal of Management
Purpose : Worldwide, the development of SMEs is recognized as a crucial sector of growth. According to contingency and RBV theory, this study was designed to measure entrepreneurial orientation and SME performance in Pakistan’s textile sector, while environmental turbulence moderated their relationship. Methodology : The research framework was investigated using a self-administrative questionnaire.

Wealth Creation and Management in Islam

The interest in global Islamic fund and wealth management industry is on the rise, which was triggered by a surge in demand as the Muslim communities around the world become more affluent. Bank Negara Malaysia (2016) reported that in 2015, the AuM (total global Islamic assets under management) stood at more than US$75 billion while the number of Islamic funds recorded was US$1,053.

Consumer Quality Management and Consumer Perceptions

Emerald (TQM Journal)
The research on consumerism has been melodramatically rising in recent decades. However, in the food industry, little research has been empirically conducted in the beverage industry. This research empirically tests the consequences of consumer perceptions: perceived price, perceived quality, perceived packaging, and perceived taste on repurchase intention particularly; it unveils the consumer attributes, e.g., gender, age, and ethnicity between consumer perceptions.

Exploring the Associations between Social Support, Perceived Uncertainty, Job Stress, and Emotional

MDPI Sustainability
Building on the social support theory and the job demands-resources (JD-R) model, the current research explores the role of coworker task support on the perceived uncertainty, job stress, and emotional exhaustion of hospitality employees affected by the COVID-19 crisis. Moreover, this research investigates the moderating impact of supervisor support and family support on the relationship between perceived uncertainty and emotional exhaustion.

A dark side of land revenue management and counterproductive work behavior:

Emerald Publishers (Journal of Public Procurement)
Abstract Purpose This study empirically and theoretically aims to explore the consequences of top management’s dark personality traits (DPT) on organizational injustice, e.g. organizational procedural justice (OPJ), organizational interactional justice (OIJ) and organizational distributive justice (ODJ) and counterproductive work behavior (CWB).

Hotels’ experience of green environment management and innovation performance

Journal of Environmental Planning and Management (Taylor and Francis)
Drawing on underpinning theories, this study conceptually develops a model helping organizations to transform green strategic mechanisms into a higher hotel’s green process innovation performance (GPIP). Using a multi-source survey, the study collected data from 401 respondents in hotels (e.g. 213 CEOs and 188 managing directors/general managers, 198 front-desk managers and 203 production managers). PLS-SEM was used to run regression analysis.

Family Imprints and Organizational behaviors

Conducted study to examine the relationships

Academic supports, Motivation to Learn and Transfer and Training of Transfer: A Comparative analysis

European Journal of training and development
I have targeted higher educational institutions and conducted robust empirical study

Librarian Love and Positive Change in Student Personality Development: A Library Management

Library Philosophy and Practice
Abstract Librarian behavior has brought a positive change in the students' lives. Librarian love encourages the students' stay in the public libraries of high schools. A decade ago, the world paid a high price for corporal punishment; in turn, the students faced a high level of stress and anxiety. However, UNESCO has launched a slogan, 'No punishment but love' all over the world.

Leadership, proactive personality and organizational outcomes: role of parallel of mediators

International Journal of Organizational Analysis
Drawing from social exchange theory, this paper aims to examine the role of five mediating mechanisms between the relationships of critical constructs of frontline employees’ performance, and both transformational leadership and proactive personality to find out which mediating mechanism highly boosts frontline performance in 3-star hotels, Pakistan.

Librarian Behaviors, Students’ Personality and Academic Performance: A Case of Public Libraries

Library Philosophy and Practice
While technology has enabled academic libraries to go digital, it requires a librarian with great knowledge and real-world experience to perform the job well. To addressthis issue, a librarian equipped with skills for digitization and digitalization is key. Academic libraries have always used digitalization to encourage librarian behaviors.This research examines the effects of negative/positive librarian behavior patterns on student personality and academic performance immediately.

Service Quality of Higher Education Digital Library (DL) and Loyalty Behaviors

Library Philosophy and Practice
Higher academic institutions are now focusing on capturing the behaviors of the postgraduate students towards digital libraries. It depends on the conditions ofassessing the psychological needs of both parties in which service-provider provides services to recipient and recipient reciprocate service-provider in turn to theirservices. Drawing from service-encounter needs theory (SENT), this study measures the service quality of the digital library of the Pakistan higher educationcommission (HEC)

Authentic Leadership and Knowledge Management in Public Libraries: Role of Organizational Commitment

Library Philosophy and Practice
Versatile leadership theories have been practiced to organizational sustainability last decade. Interestingly, authentic leadership has been proved to have effectivepractical implications to ensure organizational sustainability. Drawing from authentic leadership theory, this research aims at exploring the direct and indirect effect ofauthentic leadership on knowledge-management: explicit and tacit knowledge sharing behavior about public libraries in higher educational institutions (HEIs).

Technology Acceptance Model and Academic Performance of Postgraduate Students: The Moderating Role

Library Philosophy and Practice
Different models and theories have been tested in educational institutions to predict academic performance of the students. With the development of the technology andthe advancement of communication channels, this study explores the impact of the usage of technology on student’ academic performance. For this purpose, the studyaims at hiring technology acceptance model (TAM) to test the effect of the usage of social media on academic performance.

Analysis of the Combined and Split up Effects of Strategic Human Resource Practices on Knowledge

Bahria University Journal of Management & Technology
This study was organized to test the combined and split effects of Strategic Human resource (SHR) practices on organizational innovation and on knowledge management capacity. Data was collected through survey questionnaires from 300 private bank sector employees including bank officers, administrative officers, middle and upper management and then applied partial least square (PLS) technique to elaborate the relationships between independent and dependent variables.

Leadership Enhances Affective Organizational Commitment and Knowledge Sharing Behavior

The Journal of Educational Paradigms
In this dynamic and technological world, leadership became the backbone of every organization. To understand this contemporary life cycle, the present study reflects the role of male and female leadership in Private Education sector. The objectives of this study are (1) to investigate the direct and indirect effect of authentic leadership on knowledge sharing behavior through the mediation of commitment, and (2) to compare the gender disparity of leading an organization.

Doing the best by providing quality services: A study of the relationship between Islamic banking

Routledge Taylor & Francis
Book Chapter Contemporary Issues in Islamic Social Finance (1st ed.)

Transformational Leadership, Social Exchanges and Innovative Work Behavior in Swat Valley Pakistan

Advances in Managing Tourism Across Continents, University of Florida Publishers
Book Chapter

A Qualitative Study to Identify the Strategies of City Branding: A Case of Lahore City of Pakistan

Advances in Managing Tourism Across Continents, University of Florida Publishers
Book Chapter

Gender disparity in leadership boosts affective commitment and tacit knowledge sharing

International Journal of Organizational Analysis
This study aims to use an authentic leadership style to explore that whether male or female leadership of private academic institutions highly influence affective organizational commitment and tacit knowledge sharing among the library teachers.Additionally, this study encompasses the trust of library teachers and justifies whether the trust under male or female leadership highly moderated the effect on tacit knowledge sharing.

Provider–Recipient Dyadic Interactions: Impact of Service Quality on Customer Behaviours

Global Business Review
Service-oriented industries now focus on capturing the encounter behaviours of both service providers and service recipients. It depends on the conditions of assessing the psychological needs of both parties in which the service provider provides services to the recipient and the recipient reciprocates the service provider, in turn, to their services.

Transformational leadership and innovative work behavior in three-star hotels

VINE Journal of Information and Knowledge Management Systems
Originality/value – The present study was the first study in the hotel industry of Pakistan that reveals a highly effective mediating mechanism: K.S.B., which exists with T.L to increase workers’ innovativeness highly. Keywords Transformational leadership, Innovative work behaviour, Social exchanges,

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