Turning the Tables

von Tank50us

(Taken from my Deviant Art page) An FA70, Piloted by Lt. Jorge "Wolf" Watts with back seater Ensign Brian "Eyes" Marks of VF-103A Jolly Rogers pulls a Kulbit maneuver to get behind two Su-33 Naval Flankers. Wolf has already shot down four Sukhois in this engagement (one is burning in the background), and is now working on the Su-Leader (right) and his wingman (left). To emphasize his dominence over the Sukhois, Wolf has yet to use a single missile in the fight, and has relied solely on his 25mm cannons to make the kills, while the Sus have yet to land a single hit on the Panther. Art, models, scene, copyright Myself. FA-70 Panther 2, copyright Lockheed Martin and Bagera3005

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