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    ...approximately 1.5 weeks. 3. Start ASAP, work also Saturday and Sunday. 4. Your competence/skills Laravel, 10-15+ years Open Banking API [Zur Anzeige der URL Anmelden] character You are fast like a flash You understand to deliver what is asked for You understand that you can do the job and do not need several days to know the code You understand that you can earn a lot of money

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    Trophy icon new tshirt design 6 Tage left

    Hi there. I am looking to create a new t-shirt design and am looking for some inspiration. I would like to use a picture of Australia as part of ou...create a new t-shirt design and am looking for some inspiration. I would like to use a picture of Australia as part of our logo... as in the shape of Australia to replace the circle around our logo...

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    Build a website 6 Tage left

    ...ReCurly that I would like to use instead of Woo Commerce. I need a new website built to integrate in to ReCurly and host the features such as monthly subscription, add ons, flash sales, non members purchase al la carte, pausing your membership, rescheduling or pausing a shipment, or sending a box or product to a different shipping address. I also

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    ...Front size: 1. The business card will be in typical rectangle size 2. The background color will be in black and the text/logo will be in white. 3. The logo will be a circle and inside the circle will be a dog eating a bone. Inside the bone will be the text "DOG TRAINER". Feel free to play with the dog style so we can find the best match. 4. We also need

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    I'm looking for a professional ...a small EEPROM to store and read data in parallel The settings should be saved in the EEprom. As far as I know, the STM32 also offers the option of a 'virtual EEPorms' in flash memory. Maybe we can use that too. Can you inform yourself. For testing the IRQ function, we can use the user button on the Discovery board.

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    compilerspro 6 Tage left

    ESS ...has joined after C2). After a while C3 notifies C4(which has joined after C3), and C4 in turn notifies C1, and so on as shown in figure. Any new Ci process can join in the circle of sharing at the rear. ( means C5 should able to join in between C4 and C1. Write program code for first process C1 and any other Ci process with proper system calls.

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    €7 - €17
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    Trophy icon Makers Mark design 13 Tage left

    ... Need a 'makers mark' to stamp on my leather work. Small circle (1.5 cm diameter) OR oval (2 cm width). Cannot be too elaborate as it will typically be banged on leather with one blow of a hammer or a small press. My name (7 characters) preferably horizontally in the middle with the circle/oval edging in a simple maori pattern. See Etsy for makers

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    I need to refresh my site. the actual site is [Zur Anzeige der URL Anmelden] I dont want flash in my site. I need a online shop too with connection to data base. PLEASE SEE THE SITE BEFORE BID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    ...replicate and expand the behavior I found with the canva color picker (see [Zur Anzeige der URL Anmelden]). When you click and drag inside the color wheel there's a corresponding circle (pointer) that selects the color underneath it. When using the color picker on my tablet, I noticed how fluid and precise the motion was for a mobile device on the web and

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    7 Angebote will update and reflect in slideshow. This use to work using flash but a new windows update killed flash on windows 10 . I need something to mimic exactly what it does the below links are the working model i have now that no longer works if you have windows update that kills flash. [Zur Anzeige der URL Anmelden]

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    ...The GIF/video is what happens when the tool is activated. A small circle pops on screen that is basicly a counter for seconds. When input "800" in the "Hit:" box, that means I have to launch my attack at a certain time at 800 MS. When 800 MS is entered in the "Hit:" box, the circle will be complete every second at 800 MS. So the tool needs to link

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    ...if we try use the numbers in middle of circle in mobile, then need only show the numbers keyboard on mobile display. 2. if we edit/change the number, it must react real time on the circle. now y must click outside of press enter to see the effect. 3. we would like to have the mouse pointer hand on the circle to move the pointer. 4. now we are showing

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    Looking for a black and gold colored laughing Buddha's Mostly black body with gold accents ...Buddha's Mostly black body with gold accents of cloth or items. looking for all 6 to be redone in this style. Will offer out $50 per each buddha redone. There should be a circle a ring around buddha also gold in color. Like a gold ring around the whole image

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    I am planning a big project, and need to consult some technical questions. Please apply if you have lots of experience with MEV flash bot and arbitrage. Skills needed and expertise in: Bot Development Development flashbot Blockchain Arbitration Ethereum Smart Contracts It's a 1 hour consultant job.

    €8 - €25
    €8 - €25
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    Trophy icon Create a logo 2 Tage left

    We are looking for an interesting looking bu...looking for an interesting looking button design for the logo. Colors can be anything that will stand out. Black, blue, red, green, something artsy. We think this should be a circle button, possibly with some 3D effect that will make it look raised like it can be pushed. No words on the button please.

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    Looking for an app / portable browser that will still allow flash loading apps / games

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    ...that currently uses 'JW Player' version 5. This version supports 'start' and 'duration' parameters read from an RSS playlist. (see [Zur Anzeige der URL Anmelden]). With the deprecation of the Flash version of the player video playback is now by progressive-download only, so I would like to update to a modern player that supports HLS and varying connection sp...

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    ...Multiplayer Texas Holdem Poker & Blackjack Game We just need browser version - Multiplayer Texas Holdem Poker & Blackjack Game - Game must run on mobile browsers(Safari, Chrome) Not Flash! - There should be a lobby, a player can pick a game Blackjack or Texas Holdem Poker - Game must open by link, the link contains a token. The game must call Our API by the token

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    ...Texas Holdem Poker & Blackjack Game We just need browser version - Multiplayer Texas Holdem Poker & Blackjack Game - Game must run on mobile browsers(Safari, Chrome) Not Flash! - There should be a lobby, a player can pick a game Blackjack or Texas Holdem Poker - Game must open by link, the link contains a token. The game must call Our API by the token

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    Trophy icon Design a logo 3 Tage left

    I need a logo designed. The idea is that the logo would be in a circle. The circle would have an aeroplane in the centre, specifically a ‘King Air B350’ (see attached image). The plane must be a “King Air B350”. The background of the circle would be a space background (stars, planets etc.). Out of the window of the plane, an alien head would be sticking

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    ...uploaded some images and have numbered them for reference. I was thinking a combination of image 1 and 2 for the graphics of the gargoyle. I like the round fitting within the circle and the clean lines of the image 1 and I like the position and details of the gargoyle in image 2. I was thinking a background combining the red cross and US flag in image

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    Stick Runner 3 Tage left

    hey i used to have a game and it was with flash as3 amd c# since now im trying to convert my game from that to unity and its only c# and im not so good with that i would like somone to help me out with this

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    Trophy icon Looking for Logo 3 Tage left

    ...i'm open to all suggestions, but i have included some logo i did like ! This logo would need to be converted to an animation for the home page at a further date to use on the flash welcome page for the app and website . So keep that in mind. The website is named Sacré.chat so I need to version. One as Birman Cattery and one as SACRÉ.CHAT and the logo should

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    ...can perform flash of the BTC and Ethereum, as well as the flashed BTC and Ethereum should be transferable from one wallet to 10 wallets and with minimum 2 to 3 confirmation is needed 2) These BTC,Ethereum and dogecoin will be disappread after 90 days. 3) There should be an option to select which crypto currency end-user want to flash. Anyone able

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    Trophy icon Design me a jewlery pendant 3 Tage left

    I am looking for someone to design a statement pendant for my buisness. I would like for it to be timeless, classy and femenine. A circle shape would be a plus, though it could be something else (NO HEART SHAPES). It's should be a pendant that can adjust to gold and silver in combination to natural stones such as: White Mother of pearl, onyx, larimar

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    We're looking for a developer who can create an application with which we can flash Bitcoin,Ethereum to wallet & get 3 confirmation needed and The uploaded bitcoins should be able to remain visible in any wallet(s) for a minimum of 90 days before disappearing. Any uploaded bitcoins should be transferable up to five wallets (wallet to wallet).

    €12 - €21 / hr
    €12 - €21 / hr
    0 Angebote can perform flash of the BTC and Ethereum, as well as the flashed BTC and Ethereum should be transferable from one wallet to 10 wallets and with minimum 2 confirmation is needed 2) These BTC,Ethereum and dogecoin will be disappread after 90 days. 3) There should be an option to select which crypto currency end-user want to flash. Anyone able to

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    ...Skills: Marketing, Sales, Telemarketing See more: freelance work home, business development work home, work home business development, BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT FREELANCE, work home flash development, freelance business development managers software, database development work home, freelance business development projects, work home ...

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    ...logo: We love the look of the new KIA and STUDIO NINE logos Please do not use purple, we are trying to move away from this. Try dark and light blues. Please do not use the circle in the middle, something different and unique will be ideal. Make sure the logo looks unique, and stands out as a place where people can go for wisdom, advice. A unique professional

    €25 (Avg Bid)
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    Trophy icon MEDICAL APPAREL BRAND STAMP LOGO 5 Tage left extremely simple to put onto clothing. The name of my brand is called IBOU - short for the Caribou. I do not want a traditional "health care" logo like a plus sign with a circle or a needle. I am looking for something related to the caribou animal but modern and tech/athletic apparel like - don't think outdoor camping apparel (John deer) I will attach

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    Looking for a skilled individual to do this with possible long term potential. Many Thanks

    €2167 (Avg Bid)
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    6 Angebote kept as a single person. That might be achieved by assigning a random unique id to each person temporarily Future features as a second milestone 1: - A region(square, circle, polygon etc.) should be defined in the video frame and only the defined part of the frame should detect the people. Future features as a second milestone 2: - Service

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    Trophy icon branding logo on signboard 2 Tage left

    ...keep the Arabic but I want to have branding identity so you can redesign the English only AND TELL ME WHAT TO PUT TO THE SIDE AS FILE ATTACHED I highlighted in yellowed circle...

    €99 (Avg Bid)
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    ...each member is displayed as a unique icon on the navigation map so that you know exactly where they are. Briive Location Tracker allows controlling battery charge of your Circle members. Take care of your children and remind them to charge their phone on time. Premium access of Briive tracking app provides unlimited access to all features «Briive:

    €870 (Avg Bid)
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    Character Animation (FLASH) 2 Tage left

    Looking for a candidate who should have knowledge of Flash can build 2d Animation for story.. and image slide Animation

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    Trophy icon Create banner for my company. 1 Tag left

    Hi, I want a banner for my new office. We develop and design websites, mobile applications. 1. Web Application 2. Web Site 3. Digital Marketing 4. And...Suvidha Kendra So I want a banner that contains my services and some images which show the language and framework we use. Size 162 inch X 13.5 inch 140 inch X 13.5 inch NAME: Circle code solution

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    Relaxing your mind helps to relax your body. The opposite is also true: Relaxing your body helps to relax the mind. It’s a circle of relaxation. Where you start is up to you. Runners use every bit of energy available to them to propel themselves forward through the air and — they hope — to the podium. Then there are target shooters, whose outfits are

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    Database with django 1 Tag left

    ...him self, including his profile picture, evey one can see the user profile page. The user can add friends from their profile page and invite others per Email to be in his circle/ friends, ,they can also message, unfriend or block each others. The user can decide if his post will be puplic or private, or only friends. The user can decide per each post

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    We need to uptade a Flash based system into an HTML one

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    ...same for the other D4 and D8 buttons and mosfets. Only D4 mosfet will keepturning on and off like the lights at the disco and the back light of f1 car. Only D4 light will flash. When mobile phone charger connected to receiver’s usb port, the battery is going to be charged. Because the battery has its own regulater and charging module on it, when the

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    After Effects Explainer video 1 Tag left

    ...different timelines with icons and explanation - Showing happy person - Moving charts - Chart + timeline - Chart - Showing screen of application with dashboard animation - 3D circle with arrows - Chart - The same chart in the boardroom - Zoom from boardroom screen to outside the office building - Zoom to turning globe with offices on the globe - Zoom to

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    We are looking to for someone who can build a graphic design-utility app with basic design tools like pen, feather, rectangles, circle, text box and fonts etc. We insist on having a super-smooth user-experience while using the tools with a unique method in the way templates are designed. This is going to be a low budget project. Let's do it!

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    logo designer 1 Tag left

    ...have uploaded a logo ive been using so far and these are the colours i use dark blue and gold. it has to sit nicely as an instagram image in the circle so hence why i made it rounded with the L in a circle - but this doesnt have to stay, the brow could link off the letter L or it could go over surname? im just trying to get the brow image in there somewhere

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    Bitcoin Software 21 Stunden left

    Hello i am looking for the developer who can develop the BITCOIN flashing software .With this S/w we should flash the BTC as well as BTC should be transferable from one wallet to [Zur Anzeige der URL Anmelden] 5 to 6 wallet ..Min 3 confirmations are required.. . These BTC should be tradeable on other exchanges . Need final demo before delivery. If it works according to

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    i need someone who can make cartoon movies using suitable software such as FLASH or ANIMATOR PRO. If your skill is 'after effects' do not bid. Budget $50 per minute of cartoon animation.

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    Trophy icon Design a Website Home Page 12 Tage left includes -- - Name of person who posted - Title of post and personal description - Send to a friend button - Save button - Comment button Buttons -- - Logo (Just a circle) - Search button - Filter button with 3 options - Add media button - Save media button - Messages button - Profile page button - Settings button - Play/View button...

    €207 (Avg Bid)
    70 Einträge that. It is the letters "VL" in a circle. However, if you are particularly creative and have a better concept, we are willing to pay for concept sketches. Feel free to ask as many questions as you would like, you can also contact us at virtuallylewd(at)gmail(dot)com Ideally we'd like both the letters and circle to be gold, but please feel free to

    €41 (Avg Bid)
    46 Einträge
    Trophy icon Logo for Certification Company 19 Tage left several industries. The design needs to be serious, creative and elegant. We thought that it can be a company & name related design that is embedded into an incomplete circle (examples are attached). But you can use your imagination and offer a completely different idea. Designs with only fonts will be directly eliminated. Designs will be checked

    €166 (Avg Bid)
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    I need make a web browser with Electron with support the Flash Player and block for view sourcecode page.

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