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    ...alike - single [Zur Anzeige der URL Anmelden] with no external dependencies), the ingress controller is used only as a conduit and writes down nothing nor can it persist any data whether into memory or disk storage. Clients generate their own public-key crypto-identities on their own devices and only share the public key for licensing purposes which also allows the system

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    1. We have a magento store with product. 2. We have a second database with different information. We need to search database 2, load the result in memory, search database 1 and show result in magento store

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    speech recognition platform 6 Tage left

    ...Transform) matrices. (transform matrices) - Next, get the alignment for DNN AM training. (basic data for DNN training) - Train TDNN (Time Delay NN) & LSTM (Long short-term memory) NN.(DNN model file) In this step, we can test various DNN architectures for the best performance. Decoding Urdu speech by the trained DNN AM and LM. Goal: Construct Urdu speech

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    ...spring boot, jpa ,database, cloud, jms, certificate any. => Expert knowledge on java, spring boot, jpa, junit,swagger, rest api, jekson,lombok. => Must Able to fix any kind of memory leakage issues in production run time using Dynatrace, heap dump and other tool, profiler, visual vm etc => Very much handy with Intelij and its popular plugin. => able to

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    ...16 different sizes of capacitor banks under my control. The user has connected banks of different sizes to these 16 stages , which I have 'sensed' and stored in non-volatile memory. During the course of my calculations , I see that the system needs X KVAR of capacitors to achieve unity PF . Now I need to find the BEST combination from those 16 stages

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    my problem is my code taking too long and my laptop crash because it is out of memory

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    ...just display them on screen). There won't be very many images (maybe 10 if our CEO is feeling very enthusiastic) so there's no problem in keeping all these data structures in memory if it makes it easier. The primary goal is to have a nice-looking program that looks professional in a demo; it doesn't have to scale to support real-world usage. It just

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    Trophy icon Need A Training Memory Game Built 12 Tage left

    I want a memorizing game where you have to memorize the biography of a person then have to recall the information from the bio by typing it in. Look at the photos to see how the memorization looks, the recall, and the scoring. I also want to have a leveling system. So level 1 might be memorizing one bio. Level 2 might be two bios and so on. Then I want another version of the game where you memori...

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    Hello, I need someone to refresh my memory on how to package .exe setups that can be deployed from GPO, or third party Systems Management Appliance such as Solarwinds, Landesk, Ivanti, KACE, etc... I am specifically going to package Office365 .exe, [Zur Anzeige der URL Anmelden] , [Zur Anzeige der URL Anmelden], and a few common apps such as Adobe. I understand that in order to deploy the...

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    We need to develop an ability to sell pre-recorded video courses & members purchasing it can watch it in-app itself only with security features to stop screen recording & download in physical memory. We need Application for both Android & iOS. Later on we need live classes features in the app also. What is the quotation for the same?

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    ...core on Cyclone IV, for example EP4CGX15 or similar 2.b Map PCI device memory space to read/wite access from MT7688 using DMA. Payload can be fixed size >=128 bytes per single R/W transaction. 2.c Write simple C program for OpenWrt to access PCI express device mapped memory read/write data using DMA. Project can be split to 2 parts. 1. and 2. If

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    6 Angebote me optimize its performance. I'm using [Zur Anzeige der URL Anmelden]() to process data and run regressions. In doing so, I'm finding that my program overruns the memory availability, or doesn't gain as much speedup even on multi-core machines. Also - general performance suggestions would be great. The section of code where most of the time-consuming

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    We're looking for sources such as mysql and postgres and REST. -Wherever possible it should pushdown filters and joins to the underlying data sources instead of letting Calcite do it in memory. -Existing Calcite Adapter needs to be tweaked and new optimization rules need to be developed. -Explain some intricacies of Calcite to our team.

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    Linux Kernel Memory Management 4 Tage left

    I am working in Linux Kernel development for one year. I am learning the memory management for a better understanding on the OS concepts. I am reading Linux Kernel internals and Memory management books. I thought It would be good if some one can help me for a better understanding whenever I am stuck at some doubts .

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    convert VB6 to android 4 Tage left

    ...the ECG recordings also on Android devices. The EDF files are actually acquired by an ECG recorder connected to an Android tablet PC but, once saved and stored in the tablet memory, cannot be "recalled" and "redisplayed". With my small VB program I can do this on a PC, but I wish I could do it directly on the Android device. Many thanks for your interest

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    8 Angebote [Zur Anzeige der URL Anmelden]) Requirement: - display my web (inbox me for more information) - camera and write external memory card permission. (allow the user to use a camera or post a photo directly to the web page) - Mark favorite page ( example: [Zur Anzeige der URL Anmelden]

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    User Data Tool 2 Tage left

    ...Model details, serial numbers etc 2. Complete CPU details 3. Baseboard details 4. Disks/Filesystems 5. Network interfaces 6. Available Network Bandwidth 7. Software details 8. Memory details 9. Battery and Power information 10. Current running processes and services 11. Logged-in user details 12. Capable of running on Linux, Windows and Mac Browser Support:

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    1 Angebote to run an RFID control access systems, mainly for private household buildings. This system should run in the ESP-32. Also the JSON database should be stored in the flash memory of the ESP-32. There should be web-page as user interfase (for installer and maintenance only) where users can be added, deleted or modified. This web-page should run allso

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    We are looking for an expert VUE JS developer to help us solve app freezing happening in iOS in PWA mode and Safari due to high memory usage. You should have experience profiling and performance tweaking SPA apps Deliverables A document containing feedback on how to improve app performance in ios to prevent freezing

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    I need you to develop some software for me. Project details When you send text message or whatsapp msg to target mobile number it’s should clean phone and memory card Program should execute without target mobile number . Fixed price . Target mobile android os

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    ESP MESH using ESP-NOW 1 Tag left

    [Zur Anzeige der URL Anmelden] should leave back atleast 5000 bytes of heap memory after mesh is created. [Zur Anzeige der URL Anmelden] node should be able to communicate to router using wifi server maintaining connection with peer nodes. [Zur Anzeige der URL Anmelden] devices should be able to communicate to root device at any instance . [Zur Anzeige der URL Anmelden] should be adaptive a...

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    Hello i am having issue on my server as it suddenly every 1-2 days showing error database connection i believe its RAM used all memory or something like that so i need expert to fix it perfectly

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    ...Microcontroller. Display on six- 7 Segments. Features to be of standard digital balance- weighing scale with memory (EEPROM)nd 8051 (89S51/52) Microcontroller. Display on six- 7 Segments. Features to be of standard digital balance- weighing scale with memory (EEPROM). 4 small push buttons..2 buttons for selecting the count, for incrementing and decrementing

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    Trophy icon discord automation 11 Stunden left

    ...keyword list and searches specified discord channels for keywords 24/7 real time if possible or as close to real time as can be. So this software has to be robust without memory leaks so it runs on a 24/7 without restart. The sofware should detect keywords in specified discord channels and if there is a match/exact match/partial match or patern match

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    Hi, I need someone to change the hooking and communication method for my driver. Infinityhook works perfectly for the hooking part. Communication cannot be threaded

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    ...are not showing up on the list of friends with high friend count in my games home screen menu. I think it has to do how the game loads these friends into the list, maybe a memory issue or something related. I need a developer to fix this bug on my 2D Unity game. Please bid the amount you will charge to fix, offers that change the pricing upon messaging

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