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    ...BottomAd, MiddleAd, LeftAd, RightAd, LeftNav, RightNav, Stats, Copyright, Bottom, Top, Social. 8) - Organize the app folders for example themes in folder, languages in folder, config, download, upload, audio, assets, etc: lang/ar /en theme/ folder for each bootstrap theme 9) - Start building the website app framework based on the above requirements

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    ...would be fine for the UI: [Zur Anzeige der URL Anmelden] Authentication should be via a single username (admin) and a custom password set in a config file. Create a readme file showing how to run it. Please give your best price - I will leave great feedback for good work. (This is for a raspberry pi. I have an app which

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    Need to Bug Fix 6 Tage left

    I will hire new freelancer. Create a mini ap...would be fine for the UI: [Zur Anzeige der URL Anmelden] Authentication should be via a single username (admin) and a custom password set in a config file. Create a readme file showing how to run it. Please give your best price - I will leave great feedback for good work.

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    ...compression possible so on a pixel by pixel level the untouched pixels wont be modified. here is what i need -config file which will have path to the image needed to overlay. that image will be a png with alpha transparency. -in the config file we will have a X.Y coordinate which is the place you start putting the image overlay. for example if we put

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    ...for a VM, linux distro and version and we'll provide corresponding ssh credentials. 2.- Setup GenieACS 3.- Generate a SSL and install it (let's encrypt) 4.- Create initial config of GenieACS 5.- Create provisioning templates for Mikrotik(2 models), SmartRG devices (3 models), Yealink phones (1 model), Mitel 68xx phones (1 model), Polycom phones (1 model)

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    Install SSL on Ubuntu server 6 Tage left
    VERIFIZIERT streaming server, trying to get SSL working on it. Already obtained the SSL certs, need to generate the key and make it useable on our server. Here's an example of SSL config parameters our application requires: ssl_certificate = /conf/cert/[Zur Anzeige der URL Anmelden] ssl_certificate_key = /conf/cert/[Zur Anzeige der URL Anmelden] requirements: 1. generate the ...

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    I need to install and configure the openalpr library into the Nvidia Jetson Nano device and then send the information to my API: The source should be a generic webcam(video). - The text string from the recognized plate. - The percentual accuracy of each recognition. - The picture of the car. - The picture of the plate that was recognized. - The device must work offline. - Brazilian Plates. Plan...

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    Hello, we are looking for someone, who can help us to config our server and client side. Database MSSQL 2014 Server file on Windows Client is for Windows We have already setup evrything, we just need to findthe way to connect them. Best regards

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    Necesito un sitio web nuevo. Ya tengo el diseño, solo necesito que crees un sitio web para mi pequeña empresa.

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    ...Remote Proxy Server is provided by the Job Requester, hosted online, and used by the Freelancer to test the correctness of Main App's functionality. Details for Main App: 1. Config the Network Settings: a. Local socket port 2. Uses the NETunnelProviderManager to start the NEPacketTunnelProvider (Network Extension) Details for Tunnel Provider: 1.

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    Work Description 1.Moodle Mobile app customizaon and publish in playstore (Base version in English). Customization List > Customize the moodle mobile app as per logo and color theme preference . > Upload the customized app in Android play store and apple play store. > Maintaining the app. The mobile app should be able to handle, 1. All basic

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    I would like to hire someone to creat...device via same secure vpn (Roaming Laptop or Certificate?) Current Hardware: 2x hEX lite with routeros 6.46.3 laptop with network access to them would prefer an individual config file that i can upload to them Router 1 file and router 2 file as well as a exported key file for easy ovpn setup on client laptop

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    I want to award achievements to my st... student awards page. Maybe 5 pages total plus the MySQLi database. I already have hosting at [Zur Anzeige der URL Anmelden] and I am familiar with FTP and Moodle. However, I would prefer the awards page to be separate from Moodle as things tend not to work with updates. Total is 10 medals and 15 ribbons (sample images attached).

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    ...Linux distro and version and we'll provide corresponding SSH credentials. 2.- Setup GenieACS / Free ACS 3.- Generate a SSL and install it (let's encrypt) 4.- Create initial config of GenieACS / FreeACS 5.- Create provisioning templates for Huawei devices (2 devices types) 6.- Provide documentation and Knowledge transfer on the above....

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    Hey, We are looking to do thew following: 1. Create a config file that will contain: username / password for gmail account domain name input label output label email 2. The script needs to be able to run via Chrome Extension or online script 3. what the script does it quite simple: It logs in the specified email account, goes over all the

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    Hello, I need somebody who will setup for me ffmpeg transcoding server with gpu transcode (gpu is QUADRO P6000). And also makes ffmpeg transcode config.

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    ...ubuntu:~/H5$ more [Zur Anzeige der URL Anmelden] --- # Playbook to backup all config - hosts: switch   gather_facts: false     tasks:    - name: Build AAA Group      ios_config:        lines:          - tacacs server TESTANSIBLE        &nbs...

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    ...tenant picks 3 bedrooms each part is named to that for all fields, like the image shows. Checkbox. The check box is on each partn. this is controlled by the config file. So i first setup the config file for the room type, so if i tick fan on bedroom and Toilet then it shows Fan in them 2 room "Parts" on the admin application. I am happy to discuss

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    I have a Moodle 2.8. I need a module that allows when enrolling some students by csv, I can add start and end dates of enrollment in the course in that own csv, and automatically send an email with registration data, course, username, password, start and end date .... And that allows massive enrollment in groups (I think moodle already allows it).

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    i want setup panel laravel 3 Tage left

    hi i want setup panel laravel and config app thx

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    Inserción de chatbot en Moodle. El chatbot debe ser en castellano

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    I want someone install moodle on DO droplet and configure loadbalancing/Redis/memcache/dbpooling/etc so that it works without any difficulty for 1000 concurrent users. Please apply only those who has previous experience and understand the configuration and testing for 1000 concurrent users.

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    Looking for someone to help build an android app, that will take openVPN config (.ovpn) and connect to my openVPN server. Perhaps fork and edit this: [Zur Anzeige der URL Anmelden] Looking to brand it for personal use.

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    ...require('body-parser'); var app = express(); var http = require('http').Server(app); var io = require('[Zur Anzeige der URL Anmelden]')(http); const config = require("./config"); [Zur Anzeige der URL Anmelden]('connection', function(socket){}); [Zur Anzeige der URL Anmelden]('/', function(req, res){ [Zur Anzeige der ...

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    ...from Users table (at least one user must be present, create 1st user and change password immediatly after logon). Password minimum length, maximum login retry must be set on config file. Password changes must be logged into HistoryPwd table and displayed for each user as a table. Users actions must be displayed into a view. Requirements • Asp.Net Core

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    What we're looking for: a developer to config a movies theme for WordPress. Versioning will occur through commits using BitBucket. In your proposal, please share a brief summary of your experience and tell us about a recent full stack web development project you worked on.

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    I need an Electron pro who can show me what im doing wrong. My application requires access to the microphone. On Apple systems there is a config that needs to be specified. the apparent solution is detailed here [Zur Anzeige der URL Anmelden] . I cant seem to get it to work. Need someone to jump on screenshare with me for 15 minutes

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    Hi there, im looking to get some assistance with configuring a Cisco router and some WIFI Access points (4). Needs to have some security as well as having a guest wifi with limited/timed access.

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    Platform: use Java for Android use Swift for iOS Features: 1. Login (Company, Username, Password) 2. Load List according to user config (real time OR refresh every minute) 3. Click item on the list to send out to server (user-info and the choose) 4. recieve push notification Format: JSON for info-update

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    Database expert 21 Stunden left

    I have some db config issues in config I find expert

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    I need you to write me a specific openbullet config It is for parsing information. No other programs or offers are needed Only write me if you know how to work openbullet

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    We need to customize the Moodle Android App and brand it with our company logo. also need it to be hosted as a new app in Play store. Reference Link - [Zur Anzeige der URL Anmelden]

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    Looking for contract DevOps developer for short term project. Project d...will be supplied) Execute successful field test of the tool. Execute successful performance test. Skill requirements: Ubuntu (Essential) Docker (Essential) SSL Cert/ Domain config (Essential) Python (Minor) Further requirements: 2 month retainer for bug fixes that may appear.

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