Textile Designer Boosts Clientele Through Freelancer-made Online Portfolio

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Driven by her passion for design and entrepreneurship, Camille Reed, a resident textile designer based in New South Wales, Australia, set up her design Studio By Mili in 2016. As one of the country’s most talented and recognized textile design artists, Camille is highly sought after for her textile design expertise.

She produces high-quality print designs for the women's fashion industry, featuring her signature feminine style of floral and bohemian designs. Her exclusive works have been featured by some of Australia’s largest retail brands, and also by some of the biggest international high street brands in the US, UK, and Europe. Topshop, Lipsy, New Look, Parker NY and Rachel Roy are only some of the brands she’s worked with in the past.

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Her love for design dates back to her high school years where she began illustrating and studying design for the love of color and artistic expression. She connected strongly with graphic design and excelled in both Studio Art and Visual Communication. She later took up Graphic Design courses at Victoria University and the RMIT.

Following a brief stint in the United States after completing her studies, she went on to pursue her passion for design and spent the next eight years working in the corporate world for some of the biggest fashion organisations in Melbourne, as a graphic textile designer, and social events organiser, until the incorporation of Studio By Mili.

“It definitely has been a change of pace because I work solo now. I've built on my artistic strengths and improved immensely,” shared Camille. In hopes of growing her business, even more, she had a website built on Freelancer.com.

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Budget and diversity were the two factors that pushed Camille to hire from the largest online jobs marketplace platform. “To crowdsource the website development in a competitive market made sense, where I could look to work with a professional at an affordable rate,” she said.

Camille hired user Gaurav N., a team of website developers based in Bangalore, India who are champions in Wordpress, WooCommerce, SEO, and Digital Marketing. Gaurav’s five-star rating, 100% scores, and affordable bid price got Camille on board the team’s long list of employers.

One thing Camille made sure of from the project’s onset was that her instructions were clear and concise. She emphasized the need for a private section where only registered members were allowed to view her collections.

“The feature was extremely important to me since it kept my designs safe from being replicated and/or stolen, which is top-priority for me. It gives my clients a feeling of exclusivity since only serious buyers are allowed to view the collections,” said Camille.

She and Gaurav agreed on the price of AU$331 for the whole project.

“Basically, it's a Wordpress website with the online store structure built using WooCommerce,” said Gaurav. “The features were easy to achieve as I have six years of Wordpress development experience. But completely satisfying a client whose strong suit was designing?! Now that was a challenge.”

For approximately two months, the two went back-and-forth sharing their ideas. Camille invested much of her time voicing her feedback since she was really determined to get her dream website live, while Gaurav worked fastidiously to make nothing less than perfection.

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Once done, Gaurav turned over the website to Camille. “I made several revisions to the website until it looked great on both mobile and desktop,” added Gaurav. “She is a wonderful lady and I enjoyed working with her.”

Camille felt the same way towards Gaurav and had high praise for her new-found colleague. When asked about her experience on the project, she said, “the website was exactly what I had in mind. Communication with Gaurav was phenomenal. He was very helpful and was very active in suggesting better ways of achieving our goals.”

“I was really pleased and would happily recommend Gaurav to others! I'm getting him to do another side project because I'm extremely confident in his abilities!” said Camille.

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Since her Freelancer project, Camille’s business has experienced an uptick in inquiries from potential clients and sign-ups have been coming in. Her business is making great strides in the textile design industry.

When in need of a helping hand, Camille’s got an ally in Gaurav and in Freelancer.

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