20 Second Animation Video - For Intro & Exit ONLY

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(1/17/19 Update - New photos added)

I am looking for a TOTAL of 20 seconds of animation, but broken up into 2 files

10 Second intro (to be used before my videos) that says "The Family Finance Champion"
10 seconds intro (to be added on another video series ) that says "Financial Independence Parables - by the Family Finance Champion"

Specifications :
- Theme : "The Family Finance Champion"
- Look : Professional but Fun
- Needs to be in a format that can be added to videos that will be posted/hosted on YouTube.
- Thoughts : I would like the caricature of myself in a FUN, Exciting, splashy intro that looks like I am meeting and teaching people

I am open to suggestions of how it looks, however it must be exciting and professional

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  • mail2ajwork2018
    • 9 Stunden zuvor

    For how long is the contest open? Till the end date or before? Please reply sir, thank you!

    • 9 Stunden zuvor
  • jakebrandon023
    • 1 Tag zuvor


    • 1 Tag zuvor
  • krishnavamshi97
    • 1 Tag zuvor

    May i know the reason why my entry has rejected

    • 1 Tag zuvor
  • SBTAdmin
    • 1 Tag zuvor

    4 New photos have been added.
    2 Videos
    1 : Says Family Finance Champion
    2: Says Financial Independence Parables by the Family Finance Champion

    • 1 Tag zuvor
  • Mwooo
    • 3 Tage zuvor

    Hello, I'm working on it, please wait for my versio

    • 3 Tage zuvor
  • arrecife1969
    • 4 Tage zuvor

    hi, you need to add more photos of you.

    • 4 Tage zuvor
  • zakriaHamdi
    • 4 Tage zuvor

    what is the type of youtube channel?
    What is the name of your channel?
    do you have color preference?

    • 4 Tage zuvor
    1. SBTAdmin
      • 4 Tage zuvor

      Thanks for the message!
      There is no branding on the channel yet. And this is really meant to add to videos, regardless of if I add them onto Youtube or not.

      I do prefer a mix of blue, red & white

      • 4 Tage zuvor

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