WebGL graph visualization 2.

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This is the 2nd phase of WebGL graph visualization, an already existing developement is to be continued. This phase should keep all existing functionalities of the 1st phase, adding more. Detailed description -

Create a more complex WebGL visualization which shows a complete network (3D connectivity graph), with a pre-selected center object sphere and its connected spheres floating around it in space, connected with colored lines to the center object. The objects (nodes) can also have their own conections / nodes, mapped and visualized down to a pre-selectable recursive depth (usually 2-3 levels, but can be more in full screen mode). All nodes & connectivity infomation will be provided in JSON.

Refresh view function - A refresh method should be provided that can be called in case the conetion scheme changes, and a new JSON file becomes available. Refreshing should mean re-building the visualization in the background as fast as possible, based on the new JSON provided, but keeping the current zoom/rotation/perspective / relative directions etc. state, so that the transition must not look like a 'jump' in the visualization.

Care must be taken that the nodes / spheres do not overlap in the visualization space, regardless of their recursive depth level (they must not collide). Also care must be taken not to multiply objects / nodes just because they appear multiple times in the JSON connection scheme.

Important variables that will be provided at the initialization of the visualization -

1) Randomization seed number. While the space-like direction of nodes is random, it must be repeatable. Ie. if the visualization is called by Random Seed X, it should always look the same. If called by Seed Y, is should lok different from seed X, but again, always the same for the same random Seed.

2) Initial zoom level.

3) Sphere (node) size

4) Connection line width

In case of a single-directin connection, lines should look like an arrow, indicating connection direction (ie. A is connected to B, but B is not to A). If they are connected in both direction, a single line/tube remains.

The WebGL visualization will be a small panel on a more complex web page, and it should be enlargeable to full screen.

There will be a 3rd phase as well with more complex functions.

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