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The gallery’s on this website use a Javascript called “Accordion” which allows the end user to navigate the images in a unique way. Please see the site.

The Problem:

When you first enter a gallery on the site it requires you to download all of the images before you can start using the Accordion script. Once the images have all been loaded the Accordion quickly bounces into it’s correct position. I would like this to be a much more smooth process even if the user has to wait for the entire page to load before entering.

I would like one of the two possible solutions.

1. Make the site have a loading icon come up while the gallery loads so that it is in full when the user starts browsing the images. It would be nice if this was something similar to an Ajax loading bar that can be altered after installation.

See this example of an ajax loader: [url removed, login to view]

2. Make the site preload the images in the background so that only the first image shows up while the others are loading. This may be tricky if a user decides to click the last image available because it won’t come up unless it is loaded. I see solution number one being an easier solution.

I used CSS and Javascript to complete this site.

Javascript used: [url removed, login to view]

I am up for ideas considering I have no idea what is going to work best. Personally I got fed up with trying solutions I know little to nothing about.


Fähigkeiten: .NET, ASP, JavaScript, PHP, Script Install

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