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    I am looking for some one to help me manage a business I can not run on my own. I have too many other businesses I run. I need help getting this website off the ground. I just need the right person or company to help me move this project forward. If you have the skills and the platform then please bid. I will not pay anything up front . This project

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    ...Profit ~$400/mo. Huge Potential I created this website to sale drop shipping businesses. I've only advertised with 1 forum post, which is good through September of 2019. This is a turnkey business with no experience required. I've ran this business by building and selling sites on my own. You do not have to have experience in web design at all. This

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    ...First of all, you need to add the word 'Blog' to your application for this job, otherwise, it will be ignored! You are bidding to create 20 Blog Posts with the below-described specifics and requirements! Your job will be to create unique and original web-content/blogs/articles on some of my websites. These websites either sell web hosting or ...

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    ...which I would love to take on a global scale especially in my Country. A screenshot is below. Here is an overview of my idea: I am seeking a Plug-in Developer who can create a SCHOOL MANAGEMENT SYSTEM similar to [Smart School]. Here is the link for the DEMO: [Zur Anzeige der URL Anmelden] If this can be done, I would love for you to answer the questions

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    ...need to talk with you first. An example of the genre I am looking for is "Pinup Art" I intend to reproduce and sell these images on my website, so they MUST be public domain. The project will work one of two ways: Option 1: - Explain easiest method to use for downloading these files myself. - I will pay you for your time. Option 2: ...

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    16 Angebote seeking some to create an amazing Linked In Profile. I have 5 key things that I am needing, and I am ideally looking for 1 person who can complete all tasks. 1. Domain Name Suggestion 2. Create Linked In Profile Page 3. Create Basic Business Card 4. Create Email footer. 5. Show me how to use / grow (or maybe monthly help me grow my profile) Ok so

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    The website is - [Zur Anzeige der URL Anmelden] I sell reseller plans to companies willing to start a domain name and hosting business. It is completely automated with free website being provided to the customers instantly. Rest all information and plans are available on the website itself. I am looking for someone who can increase the

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    I have a website - [Zur Anzeige der URL Anmelden] - from which I sell domain names, hosting and related services. I am looking for someone to increase the sign up and sales in my website. Please note I am not willing to pay any advance and payment will be based only on sign ups and sales. I will be sharing the log-in details via TeamViewer for tr...

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    ...meticulous enough to code and design graphically from the ground up a system which is... 1. very lean and simple so it can be deployed easy and remain very stable over the years. Something I can backup and not have to worry about crashing. 2. I will need to be able to replicate it on any new domain name I may acquire. 3. I would like to have some of the

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    Trophy icon Build a Website Beendet left + building the website. I have the domain [Zur Anzeige der URL Anmelden] but there is no web there at this point. The main purpose of the site is designed around models and creative photography with them. This is currently benign done though [Zur Anzeige der URL Anmelden] and my group PhotoShotz - Models. Right now photographers post some of their work ...

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    ...from South Africa and about to open a shopify based website for my cooking class and products that I produce and sell (no delivery / no imported goods). I need a shopify developer for my website. I already bought the theme (Turbo from [Zur Anzeige der URL Anmelden]), domain is connected, have Shopify account

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    I want to get someone/team to develop a DATING WEBSITE, with the bonus of APPs on iOS and android, this will have features pulled from the following sites…pof, badoo, thaifriendy and tinder plus others. The was due to start a month ago, but 2 companies have let me down. I have placed this project here before and KNOW how many hours for the apps from

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    I need some changes to an existing website. I posted an ad before but maybe I did not include the full information of what i am looking for. I have an online store in Shopify, a site which uses a store populated using Oberlo which sources the products and drop shops them to the customer. I attempted to populate my store with products and put them

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    ...Spanish native speaker living in Panama City,central America, and I need someone that wants to build a long term working relationship with me creating a web agency than offers multiple services. First step, obviously I will pay for it, I need a website that needs to display all services that you (we) offer: web design, logos, build an e commerce , SEO etc

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    Trophy icon Brand/Domain name Beendet left

    I need a DOMAIN NAME for my website. This website will be like Etsy/Amazon. People (companies) will be able to go on my website, sign up, and start selling. The difference is that my website is for people in the beauty/cosmetics industry. The idea is to help start up companies be able to create their storefront using ...

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    My Face Value is a ticket resale & exchange platform where sports fans (in the first phase - soccer fans) can BUY, SELL or SWAP tickets with each other. My Face Value does not sell tickets directly. My Face Value is a community. My Face Value is a facilitator for interactions between genuine fans who wish to BUY, SELL or SWAP tickets ...

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    I sell guns online. I have been with gearfire for several years. It is not giving me any business. I need a hosted website that doesn't charge much. You can look at [Zur Anzeige der URL Anmelden] for an example. right now product that is constantly changing from RSR group for the live feed. Must know SEO. Be able to understand sale of firearms in the U

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    Web development Beendet left

    I need an existing website rebuilt. I need you to design and build a website for my small business. I'm looking to set up my shopify store. I sell womens clothing, specializing in matching mother daughter outfits, lingerie, dresses, corsets, and sweaters. I am a former etsy seller and would love to hire someone who is familiar with t...

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    Hello, I am building a new product-based website. As a back-end programmer I am, I need some help with the visuals. I'm asking for the graphic design of my site, which should be in JPG, PNG or PSD format. My website will have: 2 main sections: 1 of them is the product page, which will have a total of 3 pages (a page listing all products, a page

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    ...STAY AWAY AND KEEP SCROLLING.. I require a Bitcoin escrow marketplace to be built in PHP - Bitcoin is the currency used to buy,sell, or bid meaning I need full bitcoin wallet integration into the marketplace. Users can see their bitcoin wallet address and send coins to and from this wallet and have it reflected in their balance . A good looking

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    Build a Website Beendet left

    ...entrepreneurship idea so that i want to build a website and let it spread out to people. If it will be successful as i planned i am willing to take the project on upper level by building it's application for apple and android. I will try to explain it but since i want to secure my project idea i will give small examples to let you und...

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    I need to build a basic website with e-commerce option to sell women's clothing and once the website builder start doing it there could be some more additions. Domain name registration [Zur Anzeige der URL Anmelden] An elegant website (B&W minimal theme, as we spoke) with the business information for the franchisees. (We need to...

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    ...This will be for a silver, gold jewellery selling website, hence you must have previously developed jewellery website in the past. We looking website to be similar to [Zur Anzeige der URL Anmelden] [Zur Anzeige der URL Anmelden] [Zur Anzeige der URL Anmelden] 1) Ecommerce website with mobile responsive design. 2) Language English

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    Hello, I guess I'm looking for the opposite of this; My current site([Zur Anzeige der URL Anmelden]) is a clone site and not included in google searches(I can not even add google analytic code). Can I on-line data transfer from another my website with you? How do we do this work; is the İframe code or is an invisible browser? I'm a local travel agent. I...

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    This project consists of multiple modules which must be integrated in order to give a complete and functional website for adult entertainment. The solution we are looking for is similar to the one available here : [Zur Anzeige der URL Anmelden] It is important that the project is up and running for december 15 MAXIMUM. More specifically, we want :

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    XXX 4K videos Beendet left

    This project consists of multiple modules which must be integrated in order to give a complete and functional website for adult entertainment. The solution we are looking for is similar to the one available here : [Zur Anzeige der URL Anmelden] It is important that the project is up and running for december 15 MAXIMUM. More specifically, we want :

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    ...simple website built for me to sell clothing items etc on it. it should have a basket to check out and be linked to my paypal as well as have the option to pay by all of the usual debit cards and credit cards. i do not have the domain name and would need to also attain this. i would then also need to be taught how ...

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    Web development Beendet left

    I need a new website. I need you to design and build a landing page. Need landing page that would sell an ebook based product. Website needs to have blog, about us, inquiry/comment form, ebook products/shopping cart, testimonials, other sections i may be missing. I've purchased a domain name on wordpress if you are comfortable with that format

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    Build a Website Beendet left

    ...someone to design / program a website for me. This site will sell "Ghost Productions" . Ghost productions are basically selling songs to big DJ'S that will release it at their own. I want pages like a home page, shop, contacts us, services, my account, FAQ and most likely more : (like terms of services etc..) I already made a drawing for how<...

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    ...looking for a domain name for a website that will buy your books, games, toys ect from you directly, or we can sell it for you directly. Right now we focus on books, but since we are going to be buying and selling more than books. I would like the name to more open ended. Sorta focusing on the fact that we make it easy for you to sell your stuff ...

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    This project consists of multiple modules which must be integrated in order to give a complete and functional website for adult entertainment. The solution we are looking for is similar to the one available here : [Zur Anzeige der URL Anmelden] It is important that the project is up and running for december 15 MAXIMUM. More specifically, we want :

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    ...xtream codes it is going to work on license basis like xtream codes and these will be issued instantly by using whmcs client management panel, please look at xtream codes. com and at the features it has . I currently have pro package from xtream codes and I can provide you with installation files , this is to be half hosted on my servers and half hosted

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    Build a website Beendet left

    I'm looking to start a website where I ONLY sell my domain names. I would need help in developing the website and also learning how to list my domains for sale, accepting payment and transfering domains so someone with experience and knowledge of the domain field is MANDITORY.

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    Build a Website Beendet left

    Hi, I want to open up a website for my company called 'Burmudo' similar to 'Gumtree' in terms of buying and selling products however my business will focus on the trading of video gaming, like 'gumtree' they do not charge people to buy or sell their products however I do want to set up a membership policy whic...

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    My company name is : Southern Cross Communications We do HF, UHF,VHF,Marine radio installations in 4x4's,cars, Basic building installs, Spotlight and other 4x4 accessories installs. we specialize in 12/24 volt product and installations. We offer training on products and offer training on products we don't install or sell if people just want to learn

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    HI, My name is Maria and I need a website to sell reclaimed flooring from Spain in the UK These are some examples of what I want WEBSITES [Zur Anzeige der URL Anmelden] [Zur Anzeige der URL Anmelden] [Zur Anzeige der URL Anmelden] [Zur Anzeige der URL Anmelden] [Zur Anzeige der URL Anmelden]

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    ...from the proposed e-commerce website. As a Member/ Non-member I want to Browse the items on the online store So that 1. I can purchase the selected items on the online store Acceptance Criteria 1. The member/ non-member must be able to browse through the products. 2. The member/ non-member must be able to add preferred items into the

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    ...have an html website created originally with Adobe GoLive in 1999 and updated since around 2009 on Dreamweaver. It is a very basic site. I am the owner of the site, domain, the entire business. I need to remove a major product from the entire site, and some pages from the server entirely. My webmaster died suddenly. Although I used to update the site

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    My company sells products online. It is similar to what Amazon and eBay do, but there is only one seller who he is me. I require that I am able to register for a new domain name and the domain name must be my company name with .com in the end. For example, if my company name is called Facebook, the domain has to be

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    ...need someone to look at my already existing wordpress website, and advise how to optimize it further. Fix bugs and give recommendations. Wordpress theme was purchased from Themeforest, that I installed and hosted my website on hostgator. I launched the website more than a year ago and now I would like to take it further. I need some...

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    We are looking for a freelancer to build a website for our business Wear 2 Inspire. After the site is created, we want to be the content managers ourselves and be able to add/delete products, options, etc. (without knowledge of HTML). We currently have a website that I created using a Wix template with an eCommerce plan ([Zur Anzeige der URL Anmel...

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    I need a business website. It should have many sub-categories (at least 12) and I plan to place my own ad links throughout (mostly banner/picture ads). One category will be for me to sell items to local buyers. I would like a very cheap domain (not needed) and a very stylish and quick website layout. I like black, silver, or anything that pop...

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    ...related to bring traffic organic/non-organic with your own defined strategies and methods. My concern is to get sales/traffic to my website as per the google norms. URL : [Zur Anzeige der URL Anmelden] Domain : Shopify This is an ergonomic website where i sell mounts, keyboards, alarms etc. Your responsibilities : ...

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    ...Affiliate" to sell it for me for a commission of 60% + $30 for each 10 purchases What does this mean? ================== This means if you sell 98 units of that program script price $24 you will receive( 24 * 98 * 0.60) + (30 * 9) = 1411.20 + 450 = $1681.20 How Can I sign-UP? ============================== you will register to me at th...

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    €9 - €26
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    I have a domain name already, I have a template already, I have installed Joomla and installed the template. But... - I need someone to design the template and website to match my business and logos. So I will need a little bit of design work. It will be alien & ufo theme. I will explain more details to the winning freelancer. - I will also need

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    ...specializing in high quality website builds and redesigns. Check out my website over at [Zur Anzeige der URL Anmelden], I am looking for someone who really knows how to market well. I am in a tight spot financially, so the timeframe is urgent. I need someone that can work with me to sell websites on a commission pay basis. Depending on how...

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    ...need someone to build me a website quickly that allows people to subscribe to my tipping services on either a daily, weekly or monthly subscription. Once they are a paid subscription memeber I need to be able to text them through a service such as From what I can gather who ever does this for me will need to know how...

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    I need to integrate PERFECT MONEY into my website. ([Zur Anzeige der URL Anmelden]) My website works as the following: it is an autobuy digital marketplace where users sign up as vendors and sell their own items for Paypal, different Cryptocurrencies and Stripe. In case of PP, the vendors get paid directly by buyers through my gateway and th...

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